MOA BB Membership Requirements

Membership in the Minneapolis Officials Association (MOA) is divided into three categories: Associate (A), Full Member (M), and Honorary (H). Members officiate contests in football, girls’ and boys’ basketball. Assignments made through the Association are for high school level (including 7th and 8th grades) games only. College level games are not assigned by the Association.

An individual desiring membership in the Association must complete the application form from the link below and submit the application with the application fee and sport dues listed below. Application for membership may be made any time during the year. When the application has been processed and accepted by the Board of Directors, the individual is classified as a first year associate member. First year associate members are generally assigned games below the varsity level. Their work is evaluated by member officials, if the need arises, associate members may be assigned varsity level contests. Generally, you would be assigned with a more experienced official. These assignments are made prior to the start of the season with changes made when necessary. Beginning officials should seek out as much work as possible at any level.

An Associate member is maintained at that level for a minimum of 2 years. They are eligible for promotion to active membership at the second annual meeting after they become an associate member. Associate members need to attend 2/3rds of the required meetings the previous two years to be considered to full membership. The board of directors reviews eligible associate members for full member and will vote eligible members to full membership at the board meeting prior to the association’s annual meeting.

First year associate members will be assigned a mentor. This mentor will be available to assist the associate with questions and try to help the associate become a quality official.

Assignments are made to active members first, followed by associates. This Association has a limited number of games to assign in each sport. ALL members are expected to actively solicit games on their own. You are strongly encouraged to use Association members as your partner on these games. The Association will be unable to supply any member with a full schedule in any sport.

All members are expected to attend the annual meeting of the Association as well as the Association meeting for their sport. In addition the Association holds interpretation meetings during the season. These meetings are required of all associate members of that sport and are open to all members of the Association.

Only active members are allowed to vote on Association business.

Dues vary by sport and membership level. Dues are payable prior to July 1st of each calendar year. Any dues received after July 1st are subject to a $30 late fee and a $50 late fee if they are not paid by that sport’s preseason meeting.

Dues Application Form

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New Member Application

Fill out the application and mail it to the MOA Treasurer. Your application will be forwarded to the assignor.

Send to:
Bryan Kemnetz
1830 Oak Glen Drive
Stillwater, MN 55082
651.773.4722 home

Football – $80
Basketball – $95
Both Sports – $145

If you’re new to officiating, meaning you have registered or will be registering with the MSHSL for the first time, your first year MOA dues is $30 which includes the MOA application fee.

MOA Membership Application

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